Gotham Softball Classic: New York City's Annual LGBT Charity Softball Tournament

Divisions and Maximum NAGAAA Ratings (based on April 2015 update)

No team will be registered unless it complies with the standards outlined in this section.

Division Max. Team Rating Max. Individual Rating
Open B 185 19
Open C 135 14
Open D 95 10

Women’s Division teams and individual players are not rated in this division.
Note: The ASANA standard for the definition of “woman” will be followed. 

Playing Rules

Except as noted below, all rules follow ASA Slow Pitch (without stealing) guidelines. This includes the ASA banned bat list. 

  1. Umpires will declare dead ball territory for each field prior to the game's start.
  2. All players must wear a non-duplicated, clearly visible number on their jersey. Matching uniforms are encouraged but not required.
  3. Any player not registered before the start of his/her team’s first scheduled round robin game is not eligible to play in the tournament, unless prior arrangements are made with the tournament directors to allow the player to register later.
  4. Teams must submit their lineup with players' names and numbers as well as available substitutes and their numbers to the opposing team and the umpire on lineup cards provided before the start of the game.
  5. A minimum of nine players per team is required to start or continue a game. (A team may start a game with nine players in its lineup without penalty.) Once lineup cards have been exchanged, late-arriving players may be added to the list of available substitutes as long as the umpire and the opposing team have been notified.
  6. Up to two Extra Hitters are permitted in the batting lineup, allowing a total of up to 12 batters.
  7. All teams may designate up to two players per game who require a courtesy runner upon reaching base.
    • Players needing a courtesy runner must be indicated with an asterisk ("*") on the lineup card prior to the start of the game. Players are not required to use runner in each instance.
    • The courtesy runner is the last player without an asterisk who made the last out (or the last player in the lineup without an asterisk if no player has yet made an out at bat). Note: this is the last made out; not the last batted out.
  8. In the event of an injury to a player during the game, ASA substitution rules will take effect.
  9. There is no grace period for teams unable to field the minimum number of players at game time, with the exception of a time allowance for a team whose prior game overran its scheduled time period.
  10. For Round Robin games:
    • All games will have a drop dead time of 55 minutes; games can end in a tie.
    • The home team shall be determined by a coin flip.
    • Each batter starts with a 1-1 count, and one "courtesy foul" will be given on the first foul ball with two strikes.
  11. For Double Elimination games:
    • No inning shall start after 60 minutes, except to break a tie. In the event of a tie score at the conclusion of seven innings or the end of the time period, the ASA tie-breaker rule applies (Rule 5, Section 11). [In summary, the ASA tie-breaker rule states that the inning begins with the player who batted last in the previous inning starting on second base.]
    • The home team shall always be the higher seeded team, except in the first Championship game, in which the team coming out of the winner's bracket shall be the home team. In an “If Necessary” game, the home team shall be the winner of the first championship game.
    • Each batter starts with 1-1 count, and one "courtesy foul" will be given.
  12. For Championship and “If Necessary” games:
    • There will be no time limit; each championship/”if necessary” game will last seven innings or to conclusion.
    • Each batter starts with 0-0 count, and no "courtesy foul" will be given for championship/”if necessary” games.
  13. Both teams shall be charged with keeping score for the game and reporting scores to the umpire after each half-inning. The official final score shall be listed on an official lineup sheet provided, and signed by the home plate umpire.
  14. Run rule: If a team is ahead by 20 runs after three innings, 15 runs after four innings, or 10 runs after five innings, this will constitute a complete game.
  15. Open division games shall use 12" softballs. Women's division games shall use 11" softballs.
  16. Absolutely no alcohol is permitted in or around the ball fields. Any team found with alcohol in the park will be subject to removal from the tournament.
  17. Good sportsmanship is expected of all players, coaches and fans at all times. Any unsportsmanlike conduct, including the use of inappropriate language, may result in a player being ejected from the game at the umpire’s discretion, and/or removal from the tournament at the discretion of the Tournament Directors.
  18. The Tournament Directors will resolve and have the final say on any situation that may emerge during the tournament that is not covered by these or ASA rules.
  19. Protest: $100 (Cash) per NAGAAA Question. Fill out information on Line-Up Card. Submit to umpire. Umpire must alert Gotham Softball Classic Tournament Officials. If protest is upheld, $100 (cash) will be returned to the team. All decisions will be FINAL.
  20. In the event of inclement weather, all efforts will be made to play games, however the Tournament Directors reserve the right to shorten, amend or suspend games as needed. If games must be canceled due to weather the Tournament Directors will determine the tournament results based on pool play record, head to head results, total runs scored/allowed and other factors.

Saftey Rules

The safety of all participants in Gotham Softball Classic is the most important consideration of the Tournament Directors. Therefore, the following safety rules will be in effect. 

  1. On close plays at any base, the "slide rule" will be in force. That is, when approaching a base at which a play is to be made, the base runner must slide into the base or leave the base path to avoid collision with the fielder. At the same time, fielders who do not have the ball or are deemed not in a position to field a ball thrown to the base at which a play is to be made must leave the base path clear for the base runner. Any collision by a base runner and a fielder deemed to be intentional may be grounds for removal from the tournament of the offending party.
  2. No player will be permitted to play with a bleeding wound. All wounds must be cleaned and dressed.
  3. All jewelry worn by game participants is to be removed prior to the start of a game, and must remain unworn until after the game ends.
  4. Metal spikes are not permitted.

Seeding Rules

Round robin results are used to determine seeding as follows:

  • Teams with three round robin games are to be ranked based on 2 points per win, 1 point per tie, 0 points per loss. Teams with two round robin games will be ranked based on 3 points per win, 1.5 points per tie, 0 points per loss.
  • Teams with the same number of points are then ranked by run differential in all games.
  • Teams with the same points and run differential will subsequently be ranked based on head-to-head results, or by a random draw if head-to-head results are indeterminate.

Player Eligibility Protests

Player eligibility (NAGAAA rating) protests will be considered for members of Open division teams. A protest fee may be assessed at the discretion of the Tournament Directors.

Note: Playing and seeding rules are subject to change prior to the start of the tournament. In the event of any changes made to the rules, all participating managers will be contacted and made aware of the change.